Lean Brew brand identity project

The Brief 

PLUK Studio was invited to reimagine Drinkwell Ltd’s  category defining beer brand LEAN BREW, an award winning IPA and Pilsner set on being the go-to beer for the health conscious drinker. 

What is Lean Brew?

Manchester based Drinkwell Ltd market and produce a unique portfolio of wines and beers that are low in calories and sugar but retain full flavour profiles, ABVs and IBUs. With award winning flavour that takes on the biggest hitters in the alcoholic beverage industry, LEAN BREW is aimed at active individuals who want to enjoy a full flavour and strength beer without worrying about what it does to their waistline. 

What design work did we do?

Tasked with not only logo and can design, we produced designs for packaging, sales collateral, a new look online shop, font tap lens and unique content for their social and marketing.  

Design elements we created

Logo / Brand identity / POS / Packaging / Website / Print / Brand Guidelines

The Lean Brew brand creation story


Craft Beer is one of the most over-saturated markets on the planet with new brands popping up (and dying out) all the time. LEAN BREW had already established itself as a quality low carb beer brand with a solid customer base but lacked an identity that could push it to new customers who valued great taste without the hefty calorie count. In steps LEAN BREW’s new brand. A clean, fresh and health orientated brand identity that steers away from the often twee, over designed world of craft beer brands, making it a stand-out product from the get go. 

Aimed squarely at people with active lifestyles, we created a recognisable and simple logo with an easy to read wordmark making LEAN BREW a brand that fans and newcomers can engage with and recognise without hesitation.   

The invitingly and simple raw substrate of the can gives a clean, fresh and utilitarian appeal that provides the perfect base for the bold and geometric elements and bright colours of the design.

To keep things simple we chose to only change the colour and single identifier at the top of the can to differentiate between the award-winning Pilsner and IPA. 


Championing the unapologetic nature of LEAN BREW, designs for social and website promotion use provocative straplines and bold colours and layouts that put the product front and centre of the assets.     


The folks at Drinkwell Ltd were on a limited budget and didn’t want to risk a big spend on a new website for the brand as sales were to incorporated into their larger ecommerce shop, so we took their current simple shop and quickly and cost-effectively transformed it into a completely new branded web shop with all new assets, fonts and imagery. 

Check out LEAN BREW’s website here.    


Sales decks are a key part of how Drinkwell Ltd. get the vital stats and facts in front of wholesalers and pubs, so we produced a fact-packed deck for LEAN BREW that makes the job of selling their award-winning beers simpler through big stats, persuasive statements and cool design.

We were also tasked with producing a brand booklet that outlined the usage of logos, colours and easy to use brand language that they will need to continue producing high quality output from their in-house content creators and designer.  

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