Öckerö Hav brand identity project

The Brief 

Swedish fish suppliers Nordward came to us create a down-to-earth fish brand that reflected the personality and character of the people of Öckerö, Sweden and appealed to both school suppliers, restaurants chefs and fish lovers.

What is Öckerö Hav?

Based on the small island off the coast of Sweden, Öckerö is a fish processing plant that creates high quality products from sustainable wild and farmed fish suppliers.

What design work did we do?

PLUK Studio created brand identity, packaging, point of sale, pull-up banners, recipe cards and a  website and also collaborated with local photographers, chefs and suppliers to produce bespoke imagery.

Design elements we created

Logo / Brand identity / POS / Packaging / Website / Print

The Öckerö Hav brand creation story


When moving into new markets and creating new and appealing products for both trade and consumers, the unique challenge of designing a brand that does both required a dive into the people and culture of the island of Öckerö in Sweden. 

Taking inspiration from the friendly nature of the island, its local colours and scenery, we designed a logo, motifs, icons and brand language that reflects the sea-going landscape, the incredible produce they provide and people who make Öckerö Hav what it is.

It’s not every day that a branding agency gets to work with a fish brand, let alone one as unique as Öckerö Hav. We loved creating bespoke icons and abstract patterns and shapes that provided the wavey, sea-creature like brand language implemented across the website, packaging and product identifiers.  


Breaking norms with their competitors, Öckerö Hav bravely embraced the ideas and design concepts we put forward and created a distinctive brand that champions its unique offering as a quality fish producer.   

Creating a brand for such a unique product and company and providing unusual and standout design took courage from both the studio and team at Öckerö Hav. Collectively we are so pleased that we embraced a challenger perspective on direction and look forward to seeing Öckerö Hav make waves in the industry soon. 

Check out Öckerö Hav’s website here.

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