The Curve Magazine print design project

The Brief

The Curve team wanted a coffee table style publication for their magazine, that didn’t look like an industry brand. They asked us to undertake a complete redesign of the magazine that would provide a creative, stylish look that would stand out from other industry publications.

What is The Curve Magazine?

The Curve magazine is an e-learning magazine aimed at professionals within the industry.

What design work did we do?

PLUK Studio took this brand though a substantial change in design and art direction, resulting in a stand-out publication in a fiercely competitive industry.

Design elements we created

Art direction / Print / Layout / Illustration

Selected layout design and typography

The Curve Magazine creation story

We took cues from lifestyle, fashion magazines, and vintage scientific journals combined with PLUK’s compulsion to produce a print design that’s unconventional and intriguing. The result was a change of face for an industry leader.

The new direction has evolved the magazine into a browsable, informative, and eagerly-anticipated publication for both casual and informed readers.

Selected art direction and illustration

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